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Think back to a time when you were driving down the highway enjoying the scenery when you came upon a stylish, brightly colored billboard. Now imagine the billboard you saw represented your company. Think about how many people have already seen that billboard, and think about how many will see it after you. Your company has already been exposed to tens of thousands of people and will continue to be seen by tens of thousands more. All of those people will be thinking about your company, even if just for a second. With this kind of exposure, your business is sure to gain new business.

Digital Displays

It is trendier in recent time to note that, loads of traditional advertising agencies have started to specialize in online advertising cum digital marketing so as to stay competitive in the industry. As a result of this trend, the revenue generated in the industry has grown tremendously over the years.

Another common trend in the advertising agencies industry is that, majority of advertising agencies no longer rely on tradition media for advertisement, they now fully embrace new media.


Release of Dasavatharam on June 13, 2008 saw Time Ads group venture into Production and Distribution business and we today are one of the leading companies into movie making and distribution. I take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with Time Ads Entertainment who worked relentlessly to make Time Ads Entertainment one of the leading entertainment company and Kudos to them to have put extra efforts during the initial phase to deliver some classic movies to the moviegoers in Kerala. Time Ads production has produced successful movies considered to be box office hits like Mammootty Starrer “Loudspeaker” and Jayaram Starrer “My Big Father”…


Any event management company can help you choose linens, organize catering or find a hotel for your event. It takes a real partner to get to know your business, understand your objectives, and design and deliver an event that will help you achieve your goals. we believe that each event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges.
Time Ads team can assist you in developing a business case for your event and delivering an event that exceeds expectations.

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